Teenage Tramp (1973) online movie

  • Year: 1973
    Duration: 01:12:04
    Directed by: Anton Holden
    Actors: Alisha Fontaine, Anthony Massena, Robin Lane, David Sawn
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: Adventures of a Teenage Tramp

    Description: Kim (ALISHA FONTAINE), a beautiful, blonde teenager, picks up a truck driver (JOHN GARNER) at a crossroads diner, who buys her dinner, gives her a ride and propositions her. Kim agrees. She’ll do anything to get where she’s going. After two years of drug pushing, using her body and hitchhiking around the country, Kim is returning to the suburban mansion of her unmarried older sister, Hilary (ROBIN LANE), a successful avant-garde art dealer.

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