The Beach Girls (1982) watch online

  • Year: 1982
    Duration: 1:31:27
    Directed by: Bud Townsend
    Actors:  Patrick Sheane Duncan , Phil Groves
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: La boum en folie, Sidste skoledag – for fuldt drøn, Djevojke s plaze, Forró kalandok, Le ragazze della spiaggia, Plazowe dziewczyny,      Raparigas da Praia, Raparigas na Praia, Plaj Kizlari, Beach Girls – Strandhasen


    As The Beach Girls opens, three girls are heading for a beach house owned by one of their uncles to blow off some steam after school’s out. The girls are Sarah (Debra Blee), the mousy young woman whose uncle is letting them use the house; Ginger (Val Kline), the crazy blonde; and Ducky (Jeana Tomasina), the… uh, crazy brunette. It’s a situation that doesn’t make much sense, as Sarah explains later to another character that Ginger and Ducky aren’t really close friends of hers. She apparently just invited them along and they decided to take her up on the offer of a week spent in a luxurious beach house partying their asses off.


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