The Beast in heat AKA La Bestia in calore (1977) Luigi Batzella

A beautiful, nefarious senior female SS officer/doctor (Magall) creates a genetic, mutant human Beast (half man/half beast). The Beast is a rapacious, squat, mongoloid sex fiend which she uses to torture and molest female prisoners while the Nazis watch.
The vertically challenged beast is kept on a diet of mega-aphrodisiacs.

Also known as: La bestia in calore a.k.a. SS Experiment Camp 2, Horrifying Experiments of the SS Last Days , Beast In Heat, Bestia in calore ,SS Experiment Love Camp 2, SS Experiment 2

Genre: Art House & International, Horror, Mystery & Suspense Directed
By: Luigi Batzella
In Theaters:  wide

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