The Curious Female (1970) online movie

Year: 1970
Duration: 01:25:26
Directed by: Paul Rapp
Actors: Angelique Pettyjohn, Charlene Jones, Bunny Allister
Language: English
Country: USA

Description:The Curious Female evolves around a futuristic (Year 2157) cultist society of moviegoers, whom gather secretly to view prohibited, old works; because it happens, generally anything from the old globe is forbidden by ‘Master Computer’ and therefore enforced by the laws of the time. This gathering of toga-wearing movie enthusiasts, entwined in emphatic orgiastic embrace, soon settle to watch their latest piece of Hollywood, acquired by Liana (Bunny Allister), their female host, accompanied by her male Jorel, companion (David Westberg).

Their evening’s watching, introduced as “The Three Virgins” is described as a moralistic view of the old world – An era perceived to cling to the principles and ideals of marriage – Which essentially transports united states back (relatively speaking) to a “Hi-Tech” dating agency, set in modern time Los Angeles, which utilises the exact same actors/actresses again to great effect!

While much of the interested Female is seen through the sometimes soft-core, raunchy lens of “The Three Virgins”, the film is nevertheless punctuated with a regular return (Between reel changes) to the future, while our cultists ask concerns, like that of children about the globe they have seen on film. “What’s a Virgin”? one girl asks, while another concerns “Marriage” in the same way. These discussions induce surprise and supply understanding for the viewer, as the ethical and moral state of this really restrictive, Romanesque futuristic society unravels itself in narrative, brief exchanges…

Although really cheaply made and extremely dated in tone, this 1969 effort from Paul Rapp (The Wild Angels (1966), The Trip (1967), Boxcar Bertha (1972)) is extremely well does and executed occasionally include elements of sheer brilliance, though maybe a second viewing could be the only way of exposing these narrative subtleties! Made at a time whenever computers had been perhaps simply beginning to eek into the mainstream fabric of industrialised civilization, there is a current sense of hysteria being depicted here, perhaps suggesting that we might one day rely on computers a bit too much – Emphasised in no little component by the futuristic ‘all-seeing’ prohibitive eye of Master Computer (an early Big Brother metaphor?) as well as the dating machine, seen here to over-load when prompted for some information!

In connection to the futuristic segments of the film, one might argue that constantly eroding boundaries of previously unsatisfactory sexual marriage, relationships and other formerly illicit practices within our very own culture might one day lead to these types of a future, though this is indeed a stretch of the imagination; within this context however, the restrained mastery of the Curious Female, whether intentional or otherwise, does occasionally shine…

Despite being an admittedly average film, The Curious Female brims positively with 60’s psychedelic euphoria and it is, by all accounts, incredibly difficult to find right here in the UK! It’s obscure, one-time video clip release, compliments of Iver movie Services (circa 1981) being it’s only lease of life right here.

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