The Deadly Females (1976) watch online

  • Year: 1976
    Duration: 01:41:37
    Directed by: Donovan Winter
    Actors: Tracy Reed, Rula Lenska, Graham Ashley, Bernard Holley and Scott Fredericks
    Language: English
    Country: UK

    Also known as: Deadly Female Killers

    Description: I put this under Uncategorised but I cannot tell a lie, I didn’t know there to put else. This film really doesn’t have a whole lot going on in it. But if you really like to collect just awful, awful movies this can contend with the best of them. There are some sex scenes but everyone in them is awful looking. They talk in the movie but it doesn’t help the movie they may as well just be vomiting.

    From the best I can tell the movie Deadly Females is about a bunch of boring girls that talk a lot, have sex and sometimes kill people with so much ease that  its comical. I’m sure that the writer really wanted this to be a dialog driven piece, which indeed it is.

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