The Girl Grabbers (1968) watch online

  • Year: 1968
    Duration: 01:23:24
    Directed by: Simon Nuchtern
    Actors: Paul Cox,  Ludmilla Tchor,  Stefan Peters
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: The Grabbers

    Description: Paul’s girlfriend is raped.  He wants revenge.  So what does he do?  Why he goes to the strip club, of course.  You know, investigative purposes.  He needs to find the perp.  He then follows a lead to a whorehouse and fucks NY softcore sex starlet Jackie Richards (<3).  If that’s what it takes to avenge the savage attack on his girlfriend, so be it.  And so it goes, 82 inept minutes of rape, female flesh, revenge and heaps of bad taste.  On the cover, fave Robin Bougie says star Paul is Robert “Cannibal Holocaust” Kerman, but it looks nothing like him.  And who collects Robert Kerman films anyways?  Who does he think Kerman is, Sammy Petrillo or something?  But I digress… 2 hour runtime is filled out with exploitation and sex trailers.

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