The Incredible Sex Revolution (1965) watch online

  • Directed by: Albert Zugsmith
    Stars: Christopher Warren, Hampton Fancher, Alexander D’Arcy
    Language: English
    Country: Usa

    DescriptionTroubled young lass Margaret ‘Peggy’ Bardot candidly discusses her sexual hang-ups with a psychologist. Bardot’s past negative experiences are related in flashback while the psychologist does his to figure out the root cause of her problems.

    Writer/director Albert Zugsmith keeps the engrossing story moving along at a steady pace, maintains a pleasing sincere tone throughout, and delivers a satisfying serving of tasty bare female skin. The busy narrative covers everything from Adam & Eve to the origins of monogamy and polygamy to wild apartment rent parties to a scavenger hunt that turns ugly. Alexander D’Arcy pops in multiple roles, Ric Marlow has a ball as amorous free-spirited artist Jan, yummy blonde Sharon Cintron makes a favorable impression as friendly neighbor Theresa Morton, and the always delectable Pat Barrington once again shakes her scorching hot stuff as a busty topless dancer. Clifford Stephon’s crisp black and white cinematography provides a sharp monochromatic look. The groovy jazz score hits the right-on swinging spot. Recommended viewing for aficionados of 60’s sin cinema.

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