The Killer Must Kill Again (1975)

  • Year: 1975
    Duration: 01:30:27
    Directed by:  Luigi Cozzi
    Actors:  George Hilton, Antoine Saint-John and Femi Benussi
    Language: English
    Country: Italy

    Also known as:  Il ragno, Matador Implacável, O dolofonos xanahtypa, Dark Is Death’s Friend, The Killer Must Strike Again

    Description: Henpecked Giorgio Mainardi, who became an unwitting witness of how a killer in black rid of the corpse of a young girl. Giorgio signs deal with this man, “ordered” him his wife, hoping to get a large inheritance. Everything had to be furnished with the kidnapping, and the first part of the task killers have gone smoothly, but when he put the corpse in the trunk of his Mercedes, and returned to the house to cover his tracks, a couple of crazy youngsters hijacks the car. The killer, of course, rushes to the chase, and Giorgio cunning plan begins to crumble …

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