The Killing Kind (1973) UNCUT watch online

Year: 1973
Duration: 01:35:00
Directed by: Curtis Harrington
Actors: Ann Sothern, John Savage and Ruth Roman
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Asesino de categoria | Origine di una perversione | Raça Maldita | Von mörderischer Art

Description: Here’s another twisted sick gem from Curtis Harrington (Whats The Matter With Helen, Games, Night Tide). This one stars Ann Southern, John Savage, and Cindy Williams (Shirley from Lavern & Shirley). Its about a young man who has a very strange relationship with his mother, and as you all know, things ALWAYS go wrong from there in a horror movie. Here is the full DVD rip including the BONUS interview with Curtis Harrington! A lovely UNCUT widescreen presentation that probably looks better than when it originally played in theaters.

After serving two years for gang rape, in which he was forced to take part, Terry Lambert returns to the family home. Mother, convinced of his innocence, still no soul in it denotes, not knowing that for the time spent in prison, her son has turned into a dangerous psychopath.

An emotionally charged psychopath study…. Solidly well-done thriller is an effectively disturbing gem that stands out from the many drive in horror flicks of the early 70’s.Well worth seeking for those who like strong, character-driven thrillers. A shocking little rarity.

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