The Man Who Saved The World 1982

  • (Turkish Star Wars) 1982 A Turkish Cult Movie Full (English Subtitle)


    Sometimes called Turkish Star Wars, and also known as The Super Adam Who Saved Earth, Space Hero Lion Man or Turkish Lionman. This is a complete rip off of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers’79, Flash Gordon’80, The Black Hole and Raiders of the Lost Ark all rolled into one astounding mess. Has a lot of stock footage lifted from old trailers for Star Wars, The Magic Sword and others; While also displaying costumes that resemble Flash Gordon’s Ming, Star Wars’ Darth Vader and Galactica’s Cylon Centurions. Two star are defending Earth in a space battle and are shot down on a desert planet where they find a cantina full of rubber masked aliens and people living under slave conditions. There is a sort of rubber version of Robby The Robot who is the enforcer for the Ming like ruler. Many of the padded rubber costumes recall the movie Super Inframan and it has an overall similar feel. There are explosions happening everywhere the characters turn and some very strange martial arts type fight and then some living mummy’s actually show up in an Indiana Jones-like cave sequence.

    Not a very good print. The sound goes out of sync in places. Sorry. There probably aren’t any good prints as this is known to be an “abandoned” film. (Probably out of embarrassment as the Turkish film industry has come a long way since 1982). No copyright appears on this film anywhere. .



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