Torment of the Flesh (1965)

  • Directed by: Eddy Saller
    Stars: Herbert Fux, Hermann Laforet, Hanns Obonya
    Language: German | Subtitles: English
    Country: Austria

    Also known as: Die Geißel des Fleisches, Assassinio all’opera

    Description: An outrageous, wonderfully politically incorrect, exploitive and bizarre shocker, a real curiosity made by triviality director Eddy Saller (his first). It concerns a man who kills women because, as his lawyer says, he was not loved by his mother and in his puberty he was dismissed by girls as sexually unattractive; in short: it all broke the poor man’s heart. And when ever he meets too inviting women now, showing their attractions, well, you see, it is the urge then, he just cannot control himself; it is, as the title says, the torment of the flesh.

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