Uden en Trævl AKA Without a Stitch [1968] Annelise Meineche

  • Year: 1968
    Duration: 01:34:35
    Directed by:Annelise Meineche
    Actors:  Annegrethe Nissen, Ib Mossin and Joan Gamst
    Language: Danish (Eng subs)
    Country: Denmark

    Also known as: Uden en trævl, Die Jungfrau von 18 Karat,  Ei rihmaakaan, La pornovergine, Nue comme un ver, Utan en tråd,

    Description:A school girl came to the doctor to tell him that she has a problem reaching the sexual climax. Doctor told her to write in the diary about her sexual contacts. She agreed and soon her life turned into the sequence of diffrent sexual relations, including acting in a porn movie, lesbian sex and BDSM.

    Hi-school girl! Now that’s an interesting subject! But if a hi-school girl is unable to
    reach climax…that’s a problem bigger than failing a final exam. But by facing her fears,
    she become more than she hopes to be. She is now a porn star, a lesbian and a sadist!
    Wooohoooo….that’s what happen when you meet an unorthodox, unprofessional with a
    pretty knowledgably hands-on doctor. As advised by the sex doctor, all her experiences are
    all recorded in her diary for her own future references and studies.

    Most Swedish girl, like Ana-Grete Nissen who is the main character here, has the ‘girl-next-
    door’ looks. Her figure is totally silicon free and you won’t expect her to be this horny and
    skanky in this porno film. Classic Swedish pornos are not to be missed, especially those
    hardcore ones!

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