Vampire Ecstasy aka The Devil’s Plaything (1973)

  • Year: 1973
    Duration: 01:25:05
    Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno
    Actors: Nadia Henkowa, Anke Syring, Ulrike Butz, Nico Wolferstetter
    Language: English
    Country: Sweden | Switzerland | West Germany

    Also known as: Vampire Ecstasy, Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern, Veil of Blood, Plaything of the Devil

    Description: A mysterious woman left her last will to her two nieces Helga and Monica and to one nethew. But to receive aunt’s inheritance they all need to arrive to her castle. Meanwhile, a bunch of investigators had to stay in this castle too, because their car was seriously broken. Soon they all realize that a mysterious aunt, was actually a vampire, who needs one of the nieces. And the servant of this castle are also the vampires, who created an evil bloody cult full of sex and orgies. They are trying to seduce Helga and Monica and transform them into bloodsucking vampires. Now Peter (one of the investigators) needs to save the girls…. The movie “Devil’s Plaything” was directed by Joseph W. Sarno, who also made such films as Seduction of Inga and an incest erotic drama “Daddy, Darling

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