Wild Cactus (1993) watch online

  • Year: 1993
    Duration: 01:35:15
    Directed by: Jag Mundhra
    Actors: David Naughton, India Allen, Gary Hudson
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Description of Wild Cactus movie: Gary Hudson was released from prison and immediately called to find out about his old mistress. The woman , whose charms dedication husband does not notice , said that his girlfriend (he , by the way , because of it , and landed behind bars ) is not here, and indeed she was already married . Yearning for a firm man’s hand , she invited him . Hudson after his release did not have a lot of cajoling .

    Having done his work, he strangled her and ” borrowed ” the car . Driving through the desert , the killer picked up a nice fellow traveler , which found a common language – it was the same ugolovnitsey , if not abruptly. One erotic scene after another . And what’s the story? In the same desert went to rest her husband and his beautiful wife . There they met.

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