Women in Cellblock 9 (1978)

  • Year: 1977
    Duration: 01:17:52
    Directed by: Jess Franco
    Actors: Susan Hemingway, Karine Gambier, Howard Vernon
    Language: English
    Country: Switzerland

    Also known as: Frauen für Zellenblock 9, Tropical Inferno, Cellule 9, Des femmes pour le bloc 9, Esclaves de l’amour, Flucht von der Todesinsel, Una secondina in un carcere femminile

    Description: The film Women in Cell Block 9 was made by famous Jess Franco – Barbed Wire Dolls and Fury in the Tropics

    A group of girls led by Karin Lever falls to the women’s concentration camp in one of the Latin American countries. The warden and Dr.a – both cruel maniacs – need the names and connected underground hiding places and they can’t be stopped by nothing. Torture is becoming more violent, being replaced by non-human sexual violence. Deceiving the lustful guard, the girls in the buff run into the jungle to find there new torture and possibly death.

    Women in Cellblock 9 follows a group of girls captured and sent to a tropical prison. In there, a female warden and the sadistic Dr. Costas (Vernon)  torture them in various sexual ways…The film Frauen für Zellenblock 9 was rejected for a DVD certificate in February 2004 in the United Kingdom by the BBFC over sexual violence being eroticized, and indecent images of a 17 y old girl.

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