Women’s Prison Massacre (1983) watch online

  • Year: 1983

    Duration: 01:25:11

    Directed by: Bruno Mattei

    Actors: Laura Gemser, Lorraine DeSelle, Francoise Perrot, Gabrielle Tinti

    Language: English

    Country: Italy | France

    Also known as: Emanuelle fuga dall’inferno, Violent, I a.k.a. Emanuelle Escapes From Hell, Blade Violent, Assault In a Women’s Prison, Laura II – Revolte im Frauenzuchthaus, Révolte au pénitencier de filles, Apodrasi apo tis gynaikeies fylakes

    Description: The journalist Emmanuel (starring famous Laura Gemser, who also played in Emanuelle Queen of the Desert and Malizia Erotica) chosen too close to the corrupt officials. Her substituted and embedded in the women’s prison of strict regime. There captives constantly humiliated and tormented by the guards. The most unruly prisoners forced to sit naked for a long time in cold water. Emmanuel immediately comes into conflict with the tacit Albina Head of prisoners. Under pressure from the guards perverted girls have to find out who is stronger, fighting with knives. But the situation becomes unbearable at all, when four men awaiting execution escape and capture the women’s corps camp. Blood begins to pour a river …

    The leave-no-skanky-cliché-unaccounted-for pandering script delivers a ripely overabundant catalog of marvelously explicit and excessive gutter-crawling depravity: cat fights, shower scenes, lesbianism, savage stick beatings, grisly throat slicing, bloody shoot-outs, rape, strangulation, an especially wince-inducing castration (ouch!), even a “Deer Hunter”-derived Russian roulette sequence! The deathlessly lousy and, naturally, atrociously dubbed dialogue boasts such gut-busting tin-eared gems as “Filthy slut Irene; I’m open to anyone’s offers” and the truly immortal taunt “I’ll bite your nipples off!”

    Obviously shot on a paltry five’n’ten cent budget, with shoddy, muddy cinematography, spare, almost barren sets (the prison looks like an old abandoned warehouse — and probably was exactly that), and an annoyingly monotonous sub-Goblin synthesizer score, this thoroughly foul and fetid festering scuzzpit of a flick’s pervasive cheapness and seediness actually enhances instead of detracts from the relentlessly sordid and gloomy tone. A splendidly squalid slimebucket treat. 

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