Zabriskie Point (1970) uncut version

  • Directed by: Michelangelo Antonioni
    Stars: Mark Frechette, Daria Halprin, Paul Fix
    Language: English
    Country: Usa

    Also Known As: Забриски пойнт, Sakyû , Deserto de Almas, Dolina smrti, Забриски Пойнт,

    Description: At Zabriskie Point, United States’ lowest point, two perfect strangers meet; an undergraduate dreamer and a young hippie student who start off an unrestrained romance, making love on the dusty terrain.
    An epic portrait of late Sixties America, as seen through the portrayal of two of its children: anthropology student Daria (who’s helping a property developer build a village in the Los Angeles desert) and dropout Mark (who’s wanted by the authorities for allegedly killing a policeman during a student riot)…

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