A Man For Sale aka Candido Erotico (1978) watch uncut


Directed by: Claudio Giorgi
Actors: Lilli Carati, Mircha Carven, Marco Guglielmi
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: A Man for Sale, Candide et érotique, Copenhagen Nights, Czysty erotyzm, Ein Mann für eine Nacht, Eroticni tip, Look at Me, Satilik erkek, The Exhibitionist

Description:  «Candido Erotico» appears rather ordinary erotic drama , which in the 70s was shot a lot. Of course , next to ” Last Tango in Paris ,” a film by Claudio Georgie did not deliver, but many of the paintings Tinto Brass him lose and atmospherics and drama and acting. And let the main plot intrigue , as in many of these tapes is somewhat speculative and strained , but the filmmakers are using it to the max , squeezing out all the plot to the last drop .

Carlo works in one of Copenhagen sex shows , not hesitating to part-time to be a ” man on call .” Once in the house of his clients , he meets a young girl Charlotte , daughter of the owners , unsuspecting of sexual amusements of their parents. Between young people a sense of momentary flashes … Carlo , for whom sex has become a profession in love for the first time in his life , Charlotte has opened a whole new world . It seemed – live so happy, but then Carlo horrified to discover that out of the scene outside their work , if not for money, but for himself – that he is powerless . And no love , no reciprocal feeling can not help him feel like a man.

By creating such a paradoxical situation , the filmmakers began to develop in full conflict , forcing the viewer to look forward to the outcome , tortured question whether love to overcome all obstacles in its path. Carlo tries to spare the feelings of Charlotte , to love her from a distance – but she is also in love , but can not overcome their own shame and to transcend the moral foundations . It would seem to be easy – see a sex therapist ! But then the movie is not about what it would take . And Signor Georgie spends his characters in a million torments , simultaneously removing many beautiful erotic scenes that can compete with such well-known classics such as “Love in Paris.” However, the focus had turned out a little stronger shifted towards the female audience . But then he blames the unequal acting duo .

However, I do not know whether it’s lack of a movie or , on the contrary , his dignity. See the picture is not in any way interfere with , and in some cases even brings in a fairly contrived plot shred of credibility , turning Carlo from a living person in a stage accessory. If it was intended – then hats off . Anyway , «Candido Erotico» is a worthy representative of the genre and of his time. We can not all be masterpieces.

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