A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990) watch online


Directed by: Brett Piper
Actors: Paul Guzzi, Linda Corwin, Alex Pirnie
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Dark Fortress, Barbarzynska nimfomanka w piekle dinozaurów

Description: The film is based post-apocalyptic world that has turned into a nuclear war due to the aforesaid . People are brutalized , cruelty pinned their hearts and only a few have kept a something human , although radiation and mutilated their bodies and faces. Animals also mutated into vicious monsters that resemble dinosaurs. On the background of the final remnants of rotting society and civilization ruins appears the main character – a flower in a garden spiny loach . It was from her name and begins the introductory part of the film . She herself calls herself a nymph . In fact, it appears defenseless girl, not adapted to this reality . And apart from the dangers of wildlife await her people , her eager young body. Not without the “prince” – a young man who falls in love with a girl. And away we go …

“A Nymphoid Barbarian … ” a great example of bad trash . And the ” trash ” really needs to be perceived as garbage. The whole plot is to ensure that the main characters always somewhere to go, someone to run , hide , seek each other . No specific purpose of their journey . But the plot is not so bad. Happening on the screen makes shyly smile and start searching for excuses why I started watching this movie . Surpasses the level of absurdity . Such fights ( if you can call fights ) I have not seen , probably never . It all comes down to knock down the opponent , fall beside him and wallowing like a sack of vegetables. If the same act against one , two or three opponents , then somehow allies strongly interfere with each other , climb under the arms , pushed . All this looks like a fight for fun . The acting leaves much to be desired: absolutely emotionless heroes and antiheroes replayed . Countless kinolyapy . I think all the effects and plush dinosaurs back in 1990 looked not so hot as , and now even more so . Cons film can be listed for long, as it consists of most of these drawbacks.

You have not seen a post-apocalyptic thrash ? Then welcome to hell dinosaurs !

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