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Directed by: Jesus Franco and Jean Rollin,
Actors: Christina von Blanc, Britt Nichols and Rosa Palomar
Language: English
Country: Belgium, France, Italy and  Liechtenstein

Also known as:  A Virgin Among the Living Dead, Among the Living Dead, Christina chez les morts vivants, Christine, Princess of Eroticism,Das Grauen von Schloss Montserrat, Zombi 4: A Virgin Among the Living Dead

Description: This Eurotrash flick has been released in several different versions. This is probably the worst.It reminds me Jesus Franko’s movies like Incubus and Erotic Rites of Frankenstein All these movies is a crazy mix of gore, nudity and very simple plot.

Christine, student from London, arrives in Honduras for the reading of the will of her recently deceased father in front of other distant relatives. The house keepers look and behave very strangely (in particular periodically drink blood or show their lesbian tendencies), but Christine does not give it much importance.

Soon the night Christina begin to have nightmares in which she sees her father with a noose around his neck. Christine, thinking it is crazy, decides to learn more about her father and his relatives. A little later, plunging ever deeper into family secrets, she finds out that even relatives do not really alive, but rather are the ghosts.

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