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Directed by: Rolf de Heer
Stars: Ullie Birve, Syd Brisbane, Alethea McGrath
Language: English
Country: Australia | Italy | Imdb Info

Also known as: Epsilon, Almost Alien

Description: Epsilon is the story setting in the outback Australian. “She” is naked, lost when accidentally lands on earth from her planet, Epsilon. Then, she meets “the man” who is camping in the bush. She learns from the man that she is on earth which she has heard that it is the worst planet in the universe. In the conversation, she tries to show the man that why the earth is not a good planet to live. Their relationship develops quite quickly during their journey. They try to find their common to live together. Finally, she decides to live on earth with the man although she did not like living on this dirty earth at first.

The film is very rich in the cinematography. I think Australian nature is already beautiful and this film makes it more wonderful. And I really love the plot that does not directly teach people how to treat the earth good. The writer uses an old woman to tell the story of “she” and “the man” to two little girls. I know that this film is teaching me something but I do not feel like I am taking a lesson. I also like this film because of the well done story-line leading by just two main characters and three story tellers.

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