All The Devil’s Angels (1978) watch uncut


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Directed by: Ted Roter (as Peter Balakoff)
Stars: Gena Lee, Ted Roter, Diane Miller, Pat Manning, Nancy Cox
Language: English
Country: USA | Imdb Info

Also known as: The Psychiatrist

Description: After attending a lecture that he has held at a near by university, a student called Jean decides to apply for a job in the role of a nurse, at Dr.Rondeau’s psychiatric hospital. Explaing to Jean that his hospital deals with patients who believe that they are being controlled by either a demon or Satan, Rondeau is deeply impressed by Jean not flinching in the slightest from the details that he shares with her, which leads to Roundeau offering Jean one of the top nursing jobs at the hospital.

Shortly after officially becoming a part of Rondeau’s team, Jean begins to hear whispers from her fellow nurses about three patients who died at the hospital under strange circumstances. Questioning Rondeau about what she’s been hearing, Jean is shocked to be told by Rondeau that she should just let things stay “In the past”. Suspisious about why Rondeau is attempting to keep the patients deaths undercover, Jean decides to investigate the darken corridors of the increasingly abnormal hospital.

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