And Your Mother Too (2001) watch online


Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón
Actors: Maribel Verdú, Gael García Bernal and Ana López Mercado
Language: Spanish (English subs)
Country: Mexico

Also known as: Y Tu Mamá También, Tengoku no kuchi, owari no rakuen, Et… ta mère aussi, mit deiner Mutter auch!

In Mexico City, late teen friends Tenoch Iturbide and Julio Zapata are feeling restless as their respective girlfriends are traveling together through Europe before they all begin the next phase of their lives at college.
At a lavish family wedding, Tenoch and Julio meet Luisa Cortés, the twenty-something wife of Tenoch’s cousin Jano, the two who have just moved to Mexico from Spain.

Tenoch and Julio try to impress the beautiful Luisa by telling her that they will be taking a trip to the most beautiful secluded beach in Mexico called la Boca del Cielo (translated to Heaven’s Mouth), the trip and the beach which in reality don’t exist.

When Luisa learns of Jano’s latest marital indiscretion straight from the horse’s mouth, she takes Tenoch and Julio’s offer to go along on this road trip, meaning that Tenoch and Julio have to pull together quickly a road trip to a non-existent beach. They decide to head toward one suggested by their friend Saba, who seems a little confused himself of …

Review: Carefree youth, sex, drugs, girls, beer … and then it ended and the beginning of adulthood. Remarkable phrase: “The more they never met.” The boys grew up, they now have different interests, completely different lives and outlooks.
The ending is very pleased. The whole movie was wondering: what is this movie? Look for some notes, clues. In actual fact it is very easy and banal.
I can not say that the hit that enthusiastic about the film, but that does not pass without a trace – definitely.
Mexico … dusty hot air, cheap motels, deserted beaches, watery beer, childish innocence, unbridled desire, irresistible rock destiny, truly living heroes … The film captivates his frankness, honesty, genuine beauty and passion.

Each action has a hidden meaning. This movie goes to show that their lives and their time should appreciate and enjoy every moment.

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