Angel of Death-Fuck or Die aka Der Todesengel (1998) watch online


Directed by: Andreas Bethmann
Actors: Marc Fehse, Timo Rose, Manila May
Language: German (English Subs)
Country: Germany

Also known as: Angel of Death: Fuck or Die

Description: Bethmann, who sees himself as German Joe D’Amato, made with “Todesengel” a really entertaining piece of pure Sleaze. The story is about a raped model (played by porn star Manila May), which takes bloody revenge. A mixture of amateur-gore, bad but entertaining acting, some semi-hardcore scenes, much blood and extremely bad taste. Anyone who can find some interesting in the work of Joe D’Amato should take a look.

On the way back from a photo shoot, a woman gets raped by two guys in the woods. She gets revenge by killing them and some other ppl as well. The end. There is also another plot involving another blond, which honestly I can’t figure out the point of or how it relates to the main story. Surely this is one of the most offense movies ever made; certainly the longest rape/revenge film I’ve ever come across. The best scene is when the main character kills one of the rapists, cuts off his head, and then masturbates with the head! This has got to be seen to be believed.

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