Angels Hard as They Come (1971) online movie


Directed by: Joe Viola
Actors: Scott Glenn, Charles Dierkop, James Iglehart
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Angels Hell on Harleys, Angels, Angel Warriors, Rolling Thunder, Angeloi skliroi kai ameiliktoi, Angels as Hard as They Come

Description: Long John, leader of a gang of bikers called “angels” always thought that nothing could touch him. But when rival gangs “Dragons” brutally raping and murdering innocent girl-hippie, he realizes that the one in front – blood and a lot of blood!

Review: A band of schizo bikers meet a van of wasted hippies in a strange ghost community, and their particular shared anarchy evolves into a free-form orgy. Over- the-top drive-in biker film glows with primitive, raw power, rustic location shooting, a modern stone score, a rambling storyline and a group of one particular unscrubbed, dissipated characters you’re ever before likely to see. an interesting 70s take a look at hippie culture vs. biker tradition, the two groups seem originally destined for compatibility, due to their goal-less philosophy and wandering, nomadic lifestyle, nevertheless the disparity between the pacificity of the sides and the war-like, impulsive misery concerning the alcoholic riders soon erupts into all-out war, symbolized by the rape/murder of a hippie chick. The stoned losers roll between angry despair and careless bravado, ending in a mutual impasse that reinforces their elemental hopelessness. This movie powerfully discloses the disintegration of a tradition that feeds on its own religious rootlessness. The verite digital camera design as well as the realistic, earthy discussion, along with generous amounts of nudity and violence, make this a daunting, startling farce of real-life, more like nasty home movies than theatre, and a haunting, disturbing experience.

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