Apocalipsis Sexual (1982) watch uncut


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Note: Upgraded with custom version as uncut XXX scenes ripped from Italian VHS added to Spanish DVD to get this ultimate 92 minutes version …

Directed by: Carlos Aured, Sergio Bergonzelli
Stars: Ajita Wilson, Ricardo Díaz, Kati Ballari, Lina Romay, Emi Basallo, José Ferro
Language: Spanish – (Italian in xxx scenes)
Country: Spain |  IMDB Info

Also known as: Je suis une petite cochonne, Apocalypse Sexual

Description: A kinky gang of sex perverts passes their time having sex with each other and committing a variety of small crimes. One day they decide to take a shot at the big-time and kidnap a millionaire’s daughter. Intending to hold her for a million-dollar ransom, they discover that the girl is not only gorgeous with a spectacular body, but is in addition a virgin. They also find out that she may be even kinkier than they are.

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