Bamboo House of Dolls (1973) watch UNCUT


Directed by: Chih-Hung Kuei
Actors: Birte Tove, Lieh Lo, Hsieh Wang, Terry Liu, Roska Rozen
Language: Mandarin (English Subtitles)
Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: Nu ji zhong ying, Bamboo Women’s Prison, Bambusz babaház, Das Bambuscamp der gequälten Frauen, Storia segreta di un lager femminile,

Description: The Second World War, the Japanese occupied China, opening across the country dozens of concentration camps. In the middle of the action – a group of girls placed in the 13th concentration camp for women, called Bamboo House of Dolls. One of them, the wife of a Chinese partisan, who knows where the hidden gold that the Japanese wanted to take out of the country, but in order to get him back, she needs to get out of the camp – the situation is complicated by the fact that she does not remember exactly where the bars are.

Even if a story is just loaded with plotholes, it’s still a good movie if the characters are enjoyable. The female prisoners are very attractive, and the actors portraying the villains are really digging into their roles – you can tell they’re having a good time. The sex scenes, when violent, are choreographed very well, and are done tastefully. Many of the erotic scenes have a comedic nature, and are welcome pauses in an otherwise non-stop action fest.

Though this film is now 45 years old, it looks like a recently-shot film. Hairstyles look fresh and modern, and there aren’t really any props or items that mark this as an early 70’s film. Very nice attentions to detail, even if it was unintentional.

What makes this film great is that its appeal is a lot broader than one might think. I love exploitation films and tend to watch them by myself, as my friends are into mainstream movies. But House OF Dolls is captivating enough to be watched all kinds of movie buffs. Just warn them of the impending nudity and enjoy the show 🙂

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