Below The Belt (1971) watch online


Directed by: Bethel Buckalew
Actors: John tull, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Steven Hodge
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Golpe bajo, Die Nackten und Perversen, Boys and Sex – Die Nackten und die Perversen

Description: Below The Belt, an expose into the seamy underworld of the boxing profession. The co-feature starred a scheming underling working his means to the top, and “BTB” features the exact same idea. Fortunately, John Tull is the celebrity, taking the show as only he can. Tull manages to be funny, scummy, and memorable as Sammy, the manager of childlike boxer Johnny, who’s afraid of women to start. Sammy’s fed up with small-time managing gigs, so he aims for the big time by placing away a hit on a mobster pressuring him to train Johnny or elsesomething, ….well will happen!
Psychotic slimeball Sammy tries to strike the world Below The Belt by handling a girl-shy boxer and taking off an agreement on an ancient mobster squeezing him too tight. But it’s sicko sex which lastly takes Sammy straight down for the count, proving when and for all that “being dead don’t move you up in course.”

Boxing manager hires a prostitute to raise the morale of his fighter. Local mafia also had to unfasten. But whether it will increase its sporting achievements – a moot point… tutzhe near sports byzy an auction live goods. Scuffle, violence, lesbian fun – all in one …

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