Beyond Good and Evil (1977) watch online


Year: 1977
Country: Italy / France / Germany
Language: Italian Subtitles: English
Director: Liliana Cavani

Also known as : Al di la del bene e del male, Jenseits von Gut und Bose, Au-dela du bien et du mal

Stars: Dominique Sanda, Erland Josephson, Robert Powell, Virna Lisi, Michael Degen, Elisa Cegani, Umberto Orsini, Philippe Leroy, Carmen Scarpitta, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Amedeo Amodio, Renato Scarpa, Clara Colosimo, Roberto Bruni, Mircha Carven

Description: The life and ideas of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. A love triangle unfolds as Nietzsche and his best friend decides to live with a Jewish woman. According to Nietzsche’s philosophy, that is beyond all morality. Depicting Nietzsche’s opium addiction and madness meritorious.

This is Cavani’s most influential film. No one interested in Nietzsche or Salomé can leave this film without notice! The interpretation of some of Nietzsche’s main ideas are well articulated and visually made comprehensible so that they both win in depth and become even more enticing. Cavani uses Mozart’s music in a way that makes your spine tinkle. Spiritism, Mozart and a life just petered out make together a scene that is overwhelming in meanings. Most of the philosophical points are given in visual argumentation; that makes the film a real treasure box for anyone interested in visual thinking and its art. In this film Cavani has also developed a cinematic language she nowhere else applies. She uses pictorial mementos known to most of us and plays a semiotic game that makes quite common scenes to grow ambiguous, even breathtaking. The film is really not to be recommended to anyone, since without basic knowledge in Nietzsche and Belle Epoque one can’t enjoy the story. But for those who are even cursorily familiar with the scene the film will be a revelation.

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