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Directed by: Fred Olen Ray, Steve Latshaw
Stars: Ashlie Rhey, Richard Gabai, Ross Hagen
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: Sexy young gal Kim Taylor (winningly played by the luscious Ashlie Ray) inherits her grandfather’s drive-in movie theater after he dies. However, Kim has to raise twenty-five grand over the weekend or else the bank will take the place away from her. Plus greedy rich land developer J.B. Winston (a delightfully robust and rascally portrayal by the legendary David F. Friedman) wants the property for himself.

Director Fred Olen Ray pays breezy, funny, and affectionate homage to both blithely trashy low-budget exploitation fare and the beloved outdoor picture show of yore: The constant snappy pace, engaging good-natured tone, rollicking rock soundtrack, abundant tasty female nudity, and joyously silly humor all add up to up immensely appealing and entertaining romp.

The cast have a ball with the screwball material: Ross Hagen and Peter Spellos are hilarious as Winston’s bumbling flunkies, Richard Gabai contributes a likable turn as helpful nice guy Brian, Conrad Brooks does fine work as amiable projectionist Oscar, and Michelle Bauer cheerfully sends up her 80’s scream queen persona as vacuous B-movie siren Dyanne Lynn.

Better still, a bevy of smoking hot honeys that include Sarah Bellomo, Nikki Fritz (as sweet bespectacled nerdette Susan), Becky LeBeau, Deborah Dutch, and Tane McClure — the latter’s car dance routine seriously sizzles in no uncertain terms — all bare their gorgeous bodies.

Popping up in nifty bits are Gordon Mitchell, Steve Barkett (a riot as an uptight killjoy sheriff), Forrest J. Ackerman, Hoke Howell, and even Jim Wynorski.

A total blast.

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