Bits and Pieces (1985) online rare horror


Directed by: Leland Thomas
Actors: S.E. Zygmont, Suzanna Smith, Brian Burt
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Skitsarontas to dolofono

Description:  This is a delightful little cult slasher classic from sweet as saccharine 1985. From the opening credits, the music signifies strapping yourself in for another sensuous ride of complete unpredictability, evoking a mild euphoric tranquillity through every atom of your body.

It’s essentially the perfect welcoming sign for 90 minutes of something alike an out of body experience which borders on complete relaxation and anticipation playing out consecutively. You know from the first 3 minutes that you’re in the hands of a group of filmmakers that know exactly what kind of magic they’re creating and exactly how they’re creating it. The collaboration of the creative heads shines so clearly, it’s almost like an opera ensemble that’s been carefully orchestrated and composed to hit every note at every right moment.

Some of the themes are so random, it almost feels like someone time-travelled 50 years into the future and brought a copy of this back with them.

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