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Directed by: Claude Mulot
Stars: Josephine Jacqueline Jones, José Antonio Ceinos, Emiliano Redondo, Karin Schubert, Helga Liné, Florence Guérin, Mandy Rice-Davies
Language: English
Country: Spain | Imdb Info

Also known as: La Venus Noire, La Venus Negro, Venere Nera

Description: A black chick named Venus provides the inspiration for a down and out sculptor to create a statue of her likeness.They fall in love but he gets all belligerent on her when she starts bringing home the bread and paying the rent while he’s doing his starving artist thing.So Venus goes out and becomes a total slut.First thing she does is become a “companion” to a rich old MILF who likes to buy her stuff and fuck her.Venus gets pissed though when her hubby comes home and wants her to become his plaything too, so she splits.She ends up being a high class hooker who gets sold outright to some rich art critic who has a grudge against her ex-boyfriend.To really piss him off, he also steals the statue of Venus too.In the end, the drunken artist comes barging in to the critic’s house with a loaded gun to get Venus back.But which one does he want more; the flesh and blood Venus, or the statue?

As it turns out, Black Venus is more of a Harlequin Romance novel come to life than a down-and-dirty skin flick.The filmmakers apparently got into a “we’re doing a real movie” vibe and filled the movie with heck of a lot of plot.Also, the costumes and period setting are lavish (not quite Titanic, but substantial for this sort of thing), which kinda gets in the way of all of the softcore fucking.Having said that though, there’s some softcore fucking just about every five minutes or so, so you can’t really call it “boring” or anything.Too bad most of the scenes aren’t very hot though.There are quite a few lesbian scenes in there; so if you’re a fan of girl-on-girl stuff, you might want to give it an additional star.

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