Blonde Goddess (1982) watch uncut


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Directed by: Bill Milling
Stars: David Messa, Barbara Peckinpaugh, Jacqueline Lorians ,  Loni Sanders, Jungle Jane, Ron Jeremy, Colleen Anderson, Tamara West, Jane Kelton, Misty Regan, Nicole Scent
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

DescriptionAdventurer Louisiana Smith comes to the rescue of Jungle Jane as she is about to be sacrificed by lusty Indians in the Yucatan in 1936. Suddenly, we cut to the offices of Marble Comics where comic artist nerd Elmo Smathers has been fantasizing, in Walter Mitty fashion, as his boss gives him a talking-to. His depravities are under fire by a sexy Comics Code representative. As the latter loosens up, throwing herself at the boss of the comic book company, Elmo fantasizes over other scenarios including himself as Johnny Ace, WWI ace pilot, battling the German Black Baron; as Private Eye Jack Hammer; and as a heroic construction worker who is transported to a spaceship by the galactic overlord, Megazon (along with a beautiful and innocently by-standing earthling). The “Blonde Goddess” makes an appearance in each fantasy.

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