Blood Games (1990) watch uncut


Directed by: Tanya Rosenberg
Stars:  Gregory Scott Cummins, Laura Albert, Shelley Abblett
Language: English
Country:  Usa

Also known as:  Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell, Jogos de Sangue

Description: A team of softball players get lost in the woods after their bus breaks down. They get attacked, beaten, raped and murdered by some psychotic men. The women fight back with baseball bats and bows and arrows.

If you are in the mood for a great exploitation film … THIS IS IT


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div class=”text show-more__control”>”Don’t let those knockers hypnotize you.” “Blood Games” opens strong and never lets up. The plot is extremely simple. First it’s the babes against the beer swilling rednecks in an anything goes, grab assing, baseball game. This is immediately followed by a shower scene that compares favorably with the best “women in prison” films. Next comes a nice assortment of violence, including death by baseball bat, knife, crushed by a bus, gun shot, hanging, cross bow, and that old stand by, kicked down a grain elevator. This hunted in the woods classic has moments of backwoods humor, nice photography, some nifty stunt work, acceptable character development, and acting that ranges from professional (Gregory Scott Collins), to not so good (pick any babe). Nevertheless, “Blood Games” delivers exactly what it promises and that is why it is a great exploitation film, and highly recommended of it’s type.

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