Blood of Dracula’s Castle (1969) watch online


Directed by: Al Adamson
Actors: John Carradine, Paula Raymond, Alexander D’Arcy
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Draculas blodtørst, Verilinna, Aima sto spiti tou Drakoula, O klironomos tou pyrgou tou Drakoula, Il castello di Dracula, Dracula’s Castle, Dracula und seine Opfer

Description: Photographer Glen Cannon (Gene Otis Shayne) inherits Falconroc Castle from his Uncle Thomas and decides to live there after marrying his model & fiance, Jennifer Bishop (Liz Arden). The only thing in their way is the elderly couple that have been renting the castle for the past 60 years, Countess Townsend (Paula Raymond) and husband, Count Townsend (Alexander D’Arcy). The Count is really Count Dracula who along with George, the butler (John Carradine), Johnny (Robert Dix) and Mango the caretaker (Ray Young) have a weird cult of blood extracting and human sacrifice going on at the castle. The Count would like to buy the Castle, but doesn’t like the idea of being kicked out. Download and find out who gets the Castle and who gets a grisly death! Filmed by director of Jessi’s Girls and Evil Spawn movies

Review: After the death of his uncle photographer cannon inherits an ancient castle, which, however, long live the married couple Townsend. Cannon not want to put the old tenants out, and he does not even know that the count Townsend actually not who other as Dracula himself, already for a long time doing kidnapping and killings of local girls.

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