Blood of the Virgins (1967) watch UNCUT

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Directed by: Emilio Vieyra
Actors: Ricardo Bauleo, Susana Beltrán and Gloria Prat
Language: Spanish (English subs)
Country: Argentina

Also known as: Sangre de vírgenes, Il sangue delle vergini

Description: From the folks that gave us “The Curious Dr. Humpp” comes this kind of cool bloodsucker flick, and when I say “kind of cool” it pretty much shoots its wad in the first 20 minutes or so and from there on out it’s pretty standard, silly stuff. There’s a bunch of young folks on a tour or something at the beginning and lots of cool music, especially one dance number to which one young lady sheds her top. Is that Los Relampagos playing? Wish I knew, kind of sounds like them. Anyway, of course on the way back home they run out of gas and stop at a supposedly haunted lodge, where they take shelter for the night and of course it’s not deserted, there’s folks there that are of the undead variety. The girls disappear and the guys spend most of the rest of the movie looking for them, finding them, and trying to keep them from joining the undead. (When the guys realize the girls haven’t joined them yet, one pulls out a bullhorn and yells “roll out! roll out for the mystery tour!”.) I can’t really say this is a bad movie, it’s just nothing top-notch, and it is kind of fun in a silly way. Cool scenery and as I mentioned, the music is great throughout, but that doesn’t really make up for recycled Dark Shadows-type material. All in all though it’s an entertaining watch & if you’re in the mood for something a little different (how many Argetinian bloodsucker movies have YOU seen?)

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