Bloodthirsty Butchers (1970) watch online


Directed by: Andy Milligan
Actors: John Miranda, Annabella Wood, Berwick Kaler
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Macellai

Description: Bloodthirsty Butchers is probably Andy Milligan’s most well known film, a dime-store retelling of the Sweeny Todd story, with the Demon Barber Of Fleet Street portrayed as a misanthropic, loud-mouthed arsehole that won’t shut the hell up. Of course, the loudmouth misanthrope is really Milligan himself, using his characters as a proxy. This has been upped previously, but this is the SWV release with extra seconds of gore here and there, plus you get to see the classic plastic-boob-in-a-meat-pie effect in all its glory. Wouldn’t say for sure if its the uncut version, considering how much this bounced around the drive-ins and grindhouses.

Jimmy McDonough’s The Ghastly One and Bill Landis of Sleazoid Express both claim this film was actually made in the UK, while Michael Weldon swears up and down it was made in Milligan’s homebase of Staten Island. Considering 95% of it consists of people yelling at each other in tight closeup, who knows? I’d believe the first two since they actually met the man, but who wants to split hairs? Enjoy the trash.

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