Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1974) watch UNCUT


Directed by:  Carlos Aured
Stars:  Paul Naschy, Diana Lorys and Eduardo Calvo
Language: Spanish | Sub: English
Country:  Spain

Also known as:  Los ojos azules de la muñeca rota,House of Psychotic Women, Gli occhi azzurri della bambola rotta, The House of Doom

Description:  An ex-convict, troubled by dreams that he strangles women, is hired as the caretaker on an estate owned by three very strange sisters. Soon after his arrival, a serial killer begins slaughtering blonde, blue-eyed women – and leaving their eyeballs in a bowl of water.

Well, at last I´ve been able to watch this film thanks to a very good friend of mine, and I must say it´s brilliant. This film contains all the elements, characters and situations that make a “giallo” come to life. It could have been directed perfectly by the Italian masters Argento or Fulci at that time.

Paul Naschy´s character is splendid, and the three beautiful sisters involved in the story are fine too.

As it usually happens with the good films of this kind, you won´t be able to find out who is the vicious killer until the end. I promise I didn´t guess… and that´s good. That means the script is well-written.

So my congratulations to Paul Naschy and Carlos Aured who really did a great job with this film!. If you liked “The bird with the crystal plumage“, “Don´t torture a duckling”, “4 flies on grey velvet”, etc. you´ll enjoy this one just the same.

Even the title is great, the Italian way!!…

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