Brigade of Death (1985) watch UNCUT


Directed by: Max Pécas
Actors: Thierry de Carbonnières, Jean-Marc Maurel, Lillemour Jonsson
Language: French (English Subs)
Country: France

Also known as: Brigade des moeurs, Dödsbrigaden, Todes-Brigade

Description: A police inspector is put in charge of a case of open shooting where two gunmen on motorbikes opened indiscriminate fire on a group of transvestites. The inspector’s investigations lead him to a mogul in the porn industry. As the police dragnet closes in on the porn king, his wife is arrested but later killed as she attempts to escape. Thus begins a series of revenge killings beginning with the execution of the Inspector’s sister who also happens to be the wife of the judge handling the case. The police top brass take the case out of the Inspector’s hands to prevent further lawlessness, but he responds by adopting the techniques of the gangsters ion exacting revenge.

The acting and the story was not what made it a big pleasure for me to watch though. What makes this stand above most other crime films (certainly most american) is that the shooting sequences are bloody. On top of the bloody shooting, the movie has a hand that gets chopped off (not a super great effect, but still fun).

A part from the gore the movie contains nudity, which is always welcome – be warned though not all the “women” are women.

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