Candy (1968) watch uncut


Directed by: Christian Marquand
Stars:  Ewa Aulin, Charles Aznavour, Marlon Brando
Language: English
Country:  USA

Also known as:  Candy e il suo pazzo mondo, Sexy-Ladies

Description: Based on Terry Southern’s satirical novel, a sendup of Voltaire’s -Candide-. Young Candy is a high school girl who seeks truth and meaning in life, encountering a variety of kookie characters and humorous sexual situations in the process.

Candy Christian (Ewa Aulin) is an innocent young girl when she first hears MacPhisto (Richard Burton), an alcoholic Welsh poet, talk of love and self-sacrifice. Candy narrowly escapes MacPhisto’s attempt to rape her, only to succumb to her father’s Mexican gardener, Emmanuel (Sir Ringo Starr). When her father (John Astin) catches her with the gardener, he banishes her to a trip with his twin brother, Uncle Jack (John Astin), and Jack’s wife Aunt Livia (Elsa Martinelli), who are headed for New York City. As Candy makes her way to the airport, Emmanuel’s three sisters attack her because she has corrupted their brother. Because of Candy, Emmanuel has now forsaken the priesthood. During the scuffle, Candy’s father takes a blow to the head, resulting in a serious head injury. Candy nearly gives in to General R.A. Smight (Walter Matthau) on the plane in exchange for a blood transfusion for her father. In New York City, an ego-maniacal brain surgeon Dr. A.B. Krankeit (James Coburn) operates …

Wildly enjoyable satire featuring an all-star cast

They don’t make ’em like this anymore. Based on Terry Southern’s classic novel, CANDY is remarkable film featuring a swinging soundtrack, actors like Richard Burton and Marlon Brando spoofing themselves, and a fast-moving picaresque story that satirizes late 60s America (military, academia, Eastern religion, etc). Criticized upon release for lack of any coherent story, is one of the best films from that era. Advocating sexual freedom and experimentation, Candy is one fun movie with a funny script by Buck Henry and wild visuals, like a glass-bottom limousine and Brando’s gurumobile. A must-see!

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