Seven Freckles (1978) watch online


Directed by: Herrmann Zschoche Stars: Kareen Schröter, Harald Rathmann, Christa Löser Language: German | Subtitles: English Country: Germany Also known as: Sieben Sommersprossen, Siete Pecas Description: Teens in a holiday-camp. First love, first sex, first self-made theatre performance of “Romeo and Julliet” – quite interesting to have a look at the east-German […]

Sex Club International (1967) watch online


Directed by: Barry Mahon Stars: Lucky Kargo, Dawn Bennett, Barbara Kemp Language: English Country: Usa Also known as: Lucky Bang Bang’s Sex Club International Description: Macho secret agent Lucky Bang Bang (woodenly played with engaging earnestness by Lucky Kargo) takes down a combination blackmail and prostitution racket run by ruthless businesswoman Carol […]

Orgy at Lil’s Place (1963) watch online

MoCuishle 1

Directed by: Jerald Intrator Stars: Kari Knudsen, June Ashley, Joyce Bonne Language: English Country: Usa Description: Two sisters get involved in nude modeling for artists. Ann, who narrates the entire movie, is an aspiring actress who joins her sister Sally in New York City. Sally poses in the nude for art […]

Cannibal Girls (1973) watch uncut


Directed by: Ivan Reitman Actors: Eugene Levy , Andrea Martin , Ronald Ulrich Language: English Country: Canada Also known as: Des Filles Cannibales , Mujeres caníbales , O shizofrenis pou trefetai me aima , Koritsia kannivaloi , Cannibal Girls – Der Film mit der Warnglocke Description: A young couple spend […]

The Manhandlers (1975) watch online


Directed by: Lee Madden Stars: Cara Burgess, Judith Brown, Rosalind Miles Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as: Soft Touch Description: A gorgeous girl named Katie inherits her deceased uncle’s business and decides that she too can be a businesswoman and hire two hot girlfriends. Katie doesn’t like the brothel […]

Passion in Hot Hollows (1969) watch online


Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno (as Joe Sarno) Stars: Cherie Winters, Linda Boyce, Irene DeBari Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as : Hot Hollows Description: Cruel, conniving Norma Sue returns to her backwoods hometown with her stud lover to wreak havoc on the local denizens. Her main target […]

Double Face (1969) watch uncut


Directed by: Riccardo Freda Stars: Klaus Kinski, Christiane Krüger, Günther Stoll Language: English Country: Italy | Imdb Info Also known as: A doppia faccia, Puzzle of Horrors Description: A business man’s rich wife is killed in what he thinks is a car accident. After a period of mourning, he is lead by […]

Date with a Kidnapper (1976) watch online


Directed by: Frederick R. Friedel Stars:  Jack Canon, Leslie Rivers, Gladys Lavitan Language: English Country: Usa Also known as:  Kidnapped Co-Ed, House of Terror, Delirium House la casa del delirio, Kidnapped Lover Description: An ugly girl is kidnapped and held for ransom by some mean man. When they head to a […]

Moonlighting Wives (1966) watch online


Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno Stars: Tammy Latour, Gretchen Rudolph, John Aristedes Language: English Country: Usa Description: An ambitious suburban housewife, tired of forever being in debt, sets up an independent stenography business. Finding that her clients are more interested in the women than the dictation, she revamps it into a […]

House of the Lost Girls (1974) watch online


Directed by:  Pierre Chevalier Stars: Sandra Julien, Silvia Solar and Magda Mundari Language:  English Country:  France Also known as:  La maison des filles perdues , Das Schiff der gefangenen Frauen, La casa delle bambole crudeli, To spiti ton hamenon koritsion, House of the Lost Dolls Description:  In a luxurious villa […]

Beware My Brethren (1972) watch online

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Directed by: Robert Hartford-Davis Stars: Ann Todd,  Patrick Magee,  Tony Beckley Language: English Country: UK Also Known As: The Fiend, El ritual, Mummy Wouldn’t LIke That Description: A religious sect called the Brethren has taken control of widow Birdy Wemys, sending her unstable son, Kenny, into a spiraling descent into […]

Dirty Pool (1970) watch online


Directed by: Ed Stevens Stars: Neola Graef, Uschi Digard, Marland Proctor Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: In sunny California, a couple takes a Sunday drive in the country and finds a shady spot in the woods to make love. At the same time, a wealthy married couple […]

The Kiss of Her Flesh (1968) watch online


Directed by: Michael Findlay Stars: Uta Erickson, Janet Banzet, Michael Findlay Language: English Country: Usa Description: A weapons expert who murdered his unfaithful stripper wife and her lover goes on a killing spree, bumping off exotic dancers and hookers, while plotting the demise of his wife’s swinging bisexual sister and her […]

How I Learned to Love Women (1966) watch online


Directed by: Luciano Salce Stars: Michèle Mercier, Nadja Tiller, Elsa Martinelli, Anita Ekberg, Zarah Leander, Romina Power Language: Italian | Subtitles: English Country: Italy |  Imdb Info Also known as:  Das gewisse Etwas der Frauen, Comment j’ai appris à aimer les femmes, Como Aprendi a Amar as Mulheres, Das gewisse […]

Femmine Carnivore (1970) watch online


Directed by: Zbynek Brynych Stars:  Uschi Glas, Irina Demick, Françoise Fabian Language: Italian | Subtitles:  English Country:  Italy Also known as:  Die Weibchen, Mujeres carnivoras, Les mantes religieuses, The Females Description: Outrageous sleaze about a woman who joins an exclusive health clinic only to discover it’s run by feminist cannibals! With […]

The Babysitter (1969) watch online


Directed by: Don Henderson Stars: Patricia Wymer, George E. Carey, Anne Bellamy Language: English Country: Usa Description: Babysitter Candy Wilson (Patricia Wymer) is driven home by assistant district attorney George Maxwell (George E. Cary) after she has been sitting with the baby of George and his wife, Edith Maxwell (Ann […]

Olga’s Girls (1964) watch online


Directed by: Joseph P. Mawra Stars: Audrey Campbell, Dolly Simmons, Alice Denham Language: English Country: Usa Also Known As: Ah! Ces mignonnes, Les filles douces, Madame Olga et ses mignonnes, Olga la perverse Description: Ruthless narcotics dealer and white slavery ring leader Olga keeps her harem of girls in line […]

Run Swinger Run! (1967) watch online


Directed by: Barry Mahon Stars: Gretchen Rudolph, Bob Strong, Susan Evans Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as: Nude on the Run Description: Luscious young brunette Laura runs away from home after she is raped by some creep. Laura goes to Los Angeles to hook up with her drug peddling […]

The Girls Of The Copacabana (1981) watch online


Directed by: Jesús Franco Stars: Michele Hermet , Jérôme Foulon , Leonardo da Costa , Lina Romay , Nadine Pascal Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English Country: Spain Also known as : Les filles de Copacabana, Las chicas de Copacabana Description: Three students Juanita, Jean and Hans bored with their life in […]