Cecilia (1983) watch uncut (Remastered)

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Directed by: Olivier Mathot (as Claude Plaut), Jesus Franco (uncredited)
Stars:  Muriel Montossé, Antonio Mayans, Antonio de Cabo, Lina Romay
Language: English
Country: France | Belgium | Imdb info

Also known as: Sexual Aberrations of a Housewife, Diary of a Desperate Houswife,

Description: Returning home from a nice family vacations, Cecilia begins to flirt with the driver. He did not reciprocating the main character, starts the car a couple of guys to whom she had previously also deliberately flirting, then her husband, then fired them from their jobs. After the boys entertained, not particularly upset Cecilia returned home.

After this incident, Cecilia changed. Prior to that, she did not feel such a strong orgasm. It wakes up some “supersensible” animal lust. At home, she makes it clear to her husband that her love would be better if they give free senses abandon physical fidelity, which will lead them to a cool, boredom and indifference.

Cecilia is starting a new life filled with its deepest longing and love comfort. But the main condition of the spouses remain faithful to each other spiritual. But began playing love games, whether the heroine is not to lose face and remain truly faithful to her husband?

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