Chain Gang Women (1971) watch uncut

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Directed by: Lee Frost
Actors: Michael Stearns, Robert Lott, Barbara Mills, Linda York, Ralph Campbell
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Women in Chains, The Chain, Violentata davanti al marito

Description: Two escaped convicts go on a robbery and rape spree. The husband of one of their victims arms himself and goes looking for them. It’s not WIP, this is a jailbreak movie.
While it receives some pretty negative attention in the review department, it does have a few redeeming features, although they are fleeting. Directed by Lee Frost, the author of Poor Cecily and Policewomen

A choice trashy chunk of mean-spirited 70’s drive-in exploitation junk


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Whiny, mellow dope dealer Harris (runty Robert Lott) and moody, scruffy murderer Weed (burly Michael Stearns) are a couple of dangerous no-count criminals. The pernicious pair escapes from a chain gang and go on the lam. Director Lee Frost, who also co-wrote the harsh script, did the fairly polished cinematography (the rousing break out sequence makes inspired use of split screen and freeze frames), and even co-edited the picture, crams a reasonable amount of gratuitous nudity, soft-core sex and raw violence into the flick to ensure that devout grindhouse sleaze movie fans will get their grubby money’s worth.

In addition, Frost keeps the pace suitably brisk throughout and effectively develops a fiercely hard’n’gritty tone. Porter Jordan’s fantastic s**t-kicking hillbilly bluegrass score certainly hits the stirring and spirited spot; the bluesy theme song in particular rates as an absolute hoot. Popping up in nifty secondary roles are Linda York as Harris’ lovely, loyal girlfriend Ann, Wes Bishop as trouble-making con Coleman, Bruce Kimball as tubby prison guard Fat Sam, Phil Hoover as a volatile racist Gentry, Ralph Campbell as an ornery farmer, and Barbara Mills as the farmer’s lusty, unhappy young wife. Nice downbeat ending, too.

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