Chained Heat (1983) watch uncut

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Directed by: Paul Nicolas
Actors: Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, John Vernon, Stella Stevens, Tamara Dobson, Susan Meschner
Language: English
Country: USA | West Germany

Also known as: Das Frauenlager, Cadenas calientes, Correntes do Inferno, Les anges du mal

Description: Young girl Carol was sent to the women’s prison for car accident in which she was guilty. In prison, she has a hard time – the prisoners are divided into warring racial groups, and the prison is totally corrupted. But in order to save their asses all women are united.

Review: There are good movies. There are bad movies. And then there’s Chained Heat, a women in prison epic so stupefyingly out of whack from its opening frames that words can’t describe it. Only the shakiest thread of a plot runs through this insane, darkly lit chunk of exploitation excess, crammed to the corners with a cast of drive-in veterans and every possible cliche you can imagine, driven to its silliest extremes. Steamy showers, prison riots, rapist guards, evil wardens… yup, it’s all here, but you’ve never seen it like this. Sweet little Carol (Linda Blair, doing nudity for the first time) is on her way to the slammer for a few months after accidentally running someone over with her car. The world behind bars is controlled by two gangs, one white (led by the amazing Sybil Danning as Ericka) and one black (led by Cleopatra Jones herself, Tamara Dobson, as Duchess). Carol rebuffs Ericka’s advances in the shower (where you can also catch a full frontal appearance by Russ Meyer vet Edy Williams), leading to heightened tensions and more than a few ladies being tossed into solitary. Meanwhile the corrupt warden (John Vernon, who’s no stranger to embarrassment) tapes homemade porn flicks with his female prisoners in his office jacuzzi (huh?). “Don’t call me warden, call me Fellini,” he purrs to one unlucky lady as the film stumbles towards its unlikely climax. Then there’s the stern prison matron (Stella Stevens) and the drug-and-hooker dealing guard Lester (Henry Silva), both of whom become involved before Carol decides to blow the lid off the whole corrupt system.

While it’s hard to pick a highlight in a film so packed with hilarious moments of sleaze, one can only wonder what Blair (not at her slimmest here) was thinking as the filmmakers primped her up as a luscious sex symbol. Her shower scene with Danning has become the stuff of legend, and rightfully so, but virtually every scene will have viewers clutching their heads trying to make sense of it all.

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