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Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Stars: Tallie Cochrane, Mona Liza, Miky DeMaris, Carol Barr, Mary Philips, Marty Adler, Rita Vance, Al Goldstein, Kim Pope, Suzzan Landau
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: While sex is the raison d’etre for this film, there are extremely valuable segments featuring Mary Philips of N.O.W and gay activist/magazine publisher Arthur Irving. Mary’s comments especially are perceptive and indisputable, still relevant 40 years later.

But it is pornography and obscenity that dominate Gerard Damiano’s consciousness, not surprisingly since he was in the vanguard of breaking down barriers against same. Al Goldstein and Jim Buckley, repping and plugging Screw Magazine (founded in 1968), are quite amusing in their mutual-insult routine, but also offer a valuable snapshot of what was going on in 1970. Goldstein forecasts that hardcore pornography will be legal in the U.S. by 1974; surprisingly it was allowed and started to proliferate within a year of this film’s production.

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