Children of Violent Rome (1976) watch rare sexploitation


Directed by: Renato Savino
Actors: Gino Barzacchi, Alicia Bruzzo and Cristina Businari
Language: Italian (English subs)
Country: Italy

Also known as: I ragazzi della Roma violenta, La nuit des excitées

Description: Gang are all bored teenagers from rich families. One of the gang prefers playing pin pall to getting a girlfriend, because playing pin ball literally gets him off. The leader of the gang indulges in violent sexual fantasies, which ultimately leads to rape and murder. This inspires a teen gang from the streets, whose members are poor kids from the ghetto.

The plot unwinds with the fact that one of the leaders of the neo-fascist circle seen in relation to the girl from the “left” of the family. This know his friends, and for that he and she should be punished, in the spirit of the Marquis de Sade. Next new leader continues his desadovskie experiments. The same guys that poorer, just catch a couple and raped the girls …

This is one strange piece of exploitation, which is probably why it is so obscure. We have a gang of over privileged teens, led by one extremely over privileged sociopath named Marco, who’s father is a completely amoral industrialist who seems to get off on his son’s nihilistic behavior. This baby faced gang leader, Marco, rules his crew in a clubhouse decorated with WWII Nazi flags and photos of Hitler. Obsessed with far right politics, Marco seems to hate everyone who is different from him. He also hates women, and I lost count of how many females get raped and beaten in this twisted exploitation gem. This one is pretty twisted, but it never fails to fascinate. Has a similar tone to “Clockwork Orange,” as the kids are committing acts of violence just for the thrill of it. They go from one victim to the next, never showing a thread of remorse. The cast is very good looking, and there is no shortage of nudity and sex throughout. This is actually an interesting study of how one person can control and earn respect from his peers, simply by being vicious. Obviously this film isn’t for all tastes, but for exploit connoisseurs, and fans of the Italian ‘Poliziatti’ genre, “I ragazzi della Roma violente” is worth tracking down.

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