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Directed by: Edwin Durrell
Stars: Annette Haven, Sharon Thorpe, Bonnie Holiday, Pamela Yen, Donna Chrisaphina, Janet Ross
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: Top government agent, David Chase is assigned to protect renowned biochemist Teresa Hardgrave, who holds the formula for total recall. Seeking the formula are Madame Woo and her vicious boss, Mr. Chan, who kidnap Teresa and force her to undergo a series of sexual punishments.

An action movie meets porn? Or a plot-driven adult film? China Girl is a little bit of both and neither at the same time. Let me explain.

The story is simple. Two scientists are abducted and tortured by a high-profile crime gang, who are after some substance that supposedly allows you to control people’s minds. The gimmick is that the tortures are sexual – and this is where the porn comes in.

While it’s admittedly interesting to see actual characters that you begin to care for get naked and engage in sexual acts, the sex scenes themselves are too badly shot to excite and too long to maintain interest. The plot, on the other hand, suffers from being little more than an excuse for those sex scenes – and even if we accept the credibility of someone using sex as a method for torture, the victims don’t really look like they suffer from it.

So, while trying to be a bit of everything, this film ends up being nothing worthy of note and even fans of James Hong or Annette Haven might be disappointed. The music is surprisingly good though, especially during the imaginative animation that accompanies the opening credits.

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