Cold Light of Day (1989) watch uncut


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Directed by: Fhiona-Louise
Stars: Bob Flag, Martin Byrne-Quinn, Geoffrey Greenhill
Language: English
Country: UK | Imdb Info

Also known as: Killers Kiss

Description: “Cold Light Of Day” is more of a dramatisation than a film; fairly short, it explores the psychology of one of modern Britain’s monsters. Dennis Nilsen murdered twelve, possibly more, young men, purely for his own gratification. A necrophiliac as well as a sexual sadist, his fascination with death is believed to have sprung from the death of his grandfather, that is if we can believe anything he said.

We see flashbacks to his boyhood but the film concentrates on his picking up his victims and murdering them. There is also an attempt to humanise him by showing his acts of kindness to an elderly neighbour. To which the best reply is so what? Ted Bundy actually worked on a suicide prevention helpline.

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