Come Blow the Horn! aka Fäbodjäntan (1978) watch online


CAUTION ! Exclipt Porn Content !
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English
Director: Joseph W. Sarno (as Lawrence Henning)
Stars : Leena, Anne, Tomas, Marie Bergman, Anita Berglund, Knud Jurgensen

Description: On a small, cozy Swedish islet a group of friends gather for a celebration. One of the participants finds an old magic viking instrument (Hornlike) which will yield everybody in earsight extremly horny. This film contains the wellknown falu-sausage scene, where one of the participants uses a extremely large sausage as a dildo.

This underrated erotic thriller is in my opinion one of the greatest Swedish achievements of the 70s. Idyllic Smaaland sets the backdrop for a tale of human trials and errors. The characters and their destinies will mark you for life.

Orginally meant as a meta-commentary to Ingmar Bergmanns films, this production early began to life its own life. An all amateur cast revealed enormous talent, and the director let the script evolve in a Mike Leigh kind of way.

This is a must see kind of very rare flick !

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