Comic Strip Hero (1967) watch uncut


Director: Alain Jessua
: 1967
Country: France
Language: French Subtitles: English
Stars : Jean-Pierre Cassel, Claudine Auger, Michel Duchaussoy, Eleonore Hirt, Guy Saint-Jean, Anna Gaylor

Also known as : Jeu de massacre, Helte dør aldrig, Gioco di massacro, Juego de Masacre, Uma Aventura a Quatro, The Killing Game, Mordgeschichten, All Weekend Lovers

Description: Two cartoonists meet a playboy who lives out the fantasies created in their cartoons. He hires them to create a new comic strip. As they work on the new strip, the playboy begins to live it out. Unfortunately, the new strip deals with murder.

The best thing about “The Killing Game” is probably that, for almost the entire running time, you don’t know where the story is going. The negative effect of this is that, after a point, you may start getting impatient, expecting some sort of major plot twist which never comes. Nevertheless, the film is interesting for its uniqueness; I can’t remember seeing anything quite like it. It shows how the link between art and reality works both ways: the artist is inspired by the reality he observes and transforms it into a heightened un-reality, while the audience in return is influenced by the art and, occasionally, prefers it to the banality of everyday life. All this is acted out by a fine quartet, and set mostly near an idyllic Swiss lake. By the way, Leonard Maltin’s summary (“MYSTERY comic-strip writer comes up with his ultimate PUZZLER”) indicates that he either never saw the film, or he has forgotten it completely.

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